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Suzuki 30 HP - Model DF30ATL5

Suzuki 30 HP - Model DF30ATL5

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Don't be fooled by the DF30A EFI's small size; it packs a powerful punch. It is the world's first 30 HP outboard motor with Lean Burn and Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection, as well as the first in its class with friction-reducing roller rocker arms and offset crankshafts for smoother operation and greater mechanical efficiency. As the most technologically advanced portable outboard on the market today, its cutting-edge design provides quick starts, impressive performance, and superior fuel economy, allowing you to feel confident wherever and whenever you go. Our Battery-Less Fuel Injection System fits perfectly in the Suzuki DF30A EFI, adding no extra bulk or weight. Despite the lack of a battery, it provides more acceleration, faster starts, and smoother operation in all conditions.

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