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Suzuki 4 HP - Model DF4AS5

Suzuki 4 HP - Model DF4AS5

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The ultimate Suzuki outboard 4 hp brings top-of-the-line four-stroke performance and efficiency. This model boasts the largest displacement among outboard motors of its size and brings a new dimension to your portable outboard needs.

Compact and lightweight, the Suzuki outboard is easy to attach and detach, making it perfect for canoes, small fishing boats, medium-sized tenders, and inflatables. Despite its size, this engine is a powerhouse, offering low and mid-range torque that surpasses the average capability of most small watercraft.

Equipped with an integral fuel tank for a smooth sailing experience, it provides quick acceleration, making your journey swift and efficient. The Suzuki 4 hp outboard model is designed with an easy-to-use shift lever, facilitating a neutral reverse gear shift with large, easy to manage controls. This gear shift arrangement makes maneuvering your vessel a breeze even in tricky waters.

Further enhancing the ease of operation, this model features a full-size twist grip throttle tiller steering for an optimum response. Plus, with the digital CDI ignition, you get to experience a flawless start-up and reliable, uninterrupted operation.

So, whether you're navigating small to medium-sized waters or managing medium-sized tenders, the Suzuki 4 hp outboard motor is your trusted companion, providing you with unmatched performance and convenience. Explore the waters with confidence and steer your way to memorable marine adventures.


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