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Suzuki 9.9 HP - Model DF9.9BS5

Suzuki 9.9 HP - Model DF9.9BS5

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The new DF9.9B EFI from Suzuki is at the forefront of portable outboard technology with its state-of-the-art design. This 9.9 HP outboard motor is globally recognized for integrating Lean Burn and Electronic Fuel Injection, an exceptional feature in its class. The DF9.9B EFI, characterized as a "Next Generation" four-stroke, offers rapid ignition, strong acceleration, and unparalleled performance, all while delivering exceptional fuel efficiency. Leading in its category, the DF9.9B EFI is designed for optimal performance without the added bulk, ensuring efficient fuel use, torque, and speed. Rely on the DF9.9B EFI for consistent and powerful performance.

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